Game Sniper Terbaru Offline


Sniper games have always been popular among gamers. The thrill of taking down targets from a distance while staying hidden is unmatched. With the rise of mobile gaming, there has been a surge in the number of sniper games. In this article, we’ll take a look at the latest sniper game that can be played offline.

Overview of the Game

The latest offline sniper game is called “Sniper: Ghost Warrior”. It is a first-person shooter game that takes place in a fictional island in the South Pacific. The player takes on the role of a sniper who is tasked with taking down a group of insurgents who have taken over the island.


The gameplay of “Sniper: Ghost Warrior” is challenging and realistic. The player has to take into account factors such as wind, distance, and bullet drop while taking shots. The game also has a stealth element, where the player has to stay hidden and avoid detection from hostile forces. The player has access to a range of weapons and gadgets, including a sniper rifle, a silenced pistol, and a drone.


The storyline of the game is engaging and keeps the player hooked. The player takes on the role of Captain Cole Anderson, a Special Forces operative who is sent to the island to take down the insurgents. As the game progresses, the player uncovers a conspiracy that goes deeper than they had anticipated.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics of “Sniper: Ghost Warrior” are stunning. The game has detailed environments and character models. The sound design is also impressive, with realistic gunshots and ambient sounds that add to the immersive experience.

Game Modes

The game has two main modes: story mode and challenge mode. The story mode takes the player through the main campaign, while the challenge mode provides a range of scenarios where the player has to take down targets under different conditions.


“Sniper: Ghost Warrior” is a must-play for anyone who enjoys sniper games. The game has engaging gameplay, an intriguing storyline, and stunning graphics and sound design. Best of all, it can be played offline, making it an ideal game for long journeys or when you don’t have access to the internet.


1. Can the game be played on mobile devices?

No, the game is currently only available on PC and gaming consoles.

2. Is the game suitable for children?

The game has a mature rating and contains violence and strong language. It is not recommended for children.

3. Can the game be played with a controller?

Yes, the game can be played with a controller on PC and gaming consoles.

4. Is the game open-world?

No, the game is a linear first-person shooter with a set storyline.

5. How long is the game?

The game has a main campaign that takes around 10 hours to complete, but the challenge mode provides additional gameplay.

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